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I'm dedicated to providing young students with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Whether it's through hands-on workshops, personalized coaching and mentorship, or expert academic consulting services, I'm committed to empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders.Together, we can build a better future for our children and help them unlock their full potential.


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Dr.Vipin VK

  • Founder & CEO Stem Cadets
  • Senior Vice President EduBrisk

Dr.Vipin VK is a remarkable individual with a background in mechanical engineering and postgraduate in materials engineering from IISc Bangalore. As the founder and CEO of STEM Cadets, he has embarked on a mission to revolutionize education by bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. STEM Cadets, a NexGen company, has become a leading provider of life skills to the younger generation through a futuristic and child-friendly education system. Under Vipin's leadership, STEM Cadets has excelled by offering innovative workshops that provide hands-on experiences for children, enabling them to apply their knowledge and become creators of technology. This unique approach has positioned STEM Cadets as a frontrunner in the industry, empowering students to develop a scientific temperament and critical problem-solving mindset.

In addition to his role at STEM Cadets, Dr.Vipin VK is also a core team member of EduBrisk, a pioneering organization that provides a brain-friendly teaching-learning ecosystem for schools. EduBrisk's reach extends to 8 states in India and GCC countries. With over 6 years of experience in the EdTech space, Vipin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his endeavors. His dedication to transforming education and empowering students is evident in his significant contributions to the industry.

  • Masters in Material Engineering from IISc Bangalore.
  • Graduate in Mechanical Engineering
  • Former Academic Consultant at Toppr
  • Former Operations Manager at I Do & Learn

Learning Workshops

Robotic Modeling

Kids working on a robotic project tend to work in groups and improve their teamwork skills.

Robo Electronic

Electronics is one of the key foundational skills to teach kids the basic understanding of electronics.

Coding & IoT

The earlier kids learn how to code, the easier it will be for them to master this skill.

Space Science

Discover the captivating realm of Space Science and unravel the mysteries of the cosmos with our workshops.

Modelling with Math Workshops

Our workshops are designed to empower participants with the art of mathematical modeling and its real-world applications.

Logic, Memory & Pattern Recognition

This workshops are designed to enhance your critical thinking abilities and unravel the mysteries of pattern recognition.

Achievements and Recognitions

Awards I've earned throughout my journey, highlighting the significant accomplishments and recognitions that have shaped my personal and professional life. Each award represents a distinct milestone and serves as a source of inspiration to continue striving for excellence.

Indian Achiever’s Forum
Business Insight Magazine
MSME & Global Triumph Foundation
MSME & Global Triumph Foundation
Global Triumph Foundation

What Our
Clients Say About Us


Bishop Pereira Memorial School - Trivandrum

The workshop was fun filled and inculcated communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. The application to what we are studying and what we are doing to study was experienced which I believe is crucial in grasping a subject and developing passion for it. We not only dabbled with science and technology but also explored soft skills such as sharing of ideas, lateral thinking and cooperation in testing circumstances.

Sayed Ali N

Al Syed School - Kollam

I was discussing the possibilities of integrating Stem cadets curriculum to my school and got in touch with the team. I had a pleasant experience working with the team. I hope to integrate their curriculum to my school syllabus from the start of the next academic year.

Vishnu Vibhu

Paradise Public School - Varkala

The stem cadet is an innovative and creative program which was introduced to us for the first time. All through the workshop students stayed in a group and worked together . This showed on how much we could think and fabricate in a group. When the team has new ideas they can sit together to brainstorm ideas to create more effective solutions. Working together can be fun to be creative and more enjoyable to work. It helped us to plan and work in time and develop stronger communication skills. STEM has motivated us to work for our goals and dreams. Wishing more workshops like this in the future.

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